Nine million 9

הסוף הוא לא ההתחלה זה רק החיוך אל תבכי עכשיו, ילדי ציון לשאת את הדוב הבא הגדול ביותר יבכה הרבה למעשה לא רק את הילדים של ציון אבל את כל העולם

[+] Nine million 9 [+]

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You have been hacked by Electronic Thunderbolt Team It is not the end, my enemy, do not worry, but it is only at the beginning. You will witness an attack that has never been before, not now, and you will never be able to stop us. The message is addressed to the people of Zion and the world that supports the Zionists and their support for their bombing of Gaza.

You are proud of the fact that you are the capital of the security of operations and you are the capital of terrorism in the world and now you are being fed up. Unfortunately, you do not know the Arab mind or the wrath of liberals. We will not forget what you have done today, tomorrow or in the future !

[+] Game Over Admin, Your system is under our control [+]

[+] Expect us at any Time [+]